how to play baccarat

Online Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the oldest card games around. Invented in the 1400s, it is about 600 years old, and it has been around longer than any Online casino on the planet. It was originally invented in Italy, although the spelling of the name baccarat is of French origin. After taking Italy and France by storm, baccarat slowly moved through the rest of the world, and today, it is a casino staple. It has been included in several films and is often seen as the casino game of choice for casinos high-class clientele.


Online baccarat shares some similar game aspects with blackjack. Both games are card-based, both games are based on a two card total and both assign different values to standard playing cards. In online baccarat, the aim of the game is to reach a total of 8 or 9 with a two card hand. Unlike blackjack however, the game is not played between dealer or house and player. Baccarat online is different from other games in that there are two players within that game that play against each other. The dealer or house acts as an agent and controls the flow of the game. Other players bet on the outcome between the two players in the game.

The two player positions in the game of baccarat are called the Player and the Banker respectively. These two positions are marked on the baccarat table so other players know where to place their bets. There is also a third bet option for a tie between the two. This is also marked on the baccarat table as the Tie position. Both the Player and the Banker need to achieve a two card total of either 8 or 9 to win. This is done by adding the two cards together to come to a total number. In baccarat online if the two card total is a double digit figure, the first number is removed. For example, a two card total of 11 would be 1 and a two card total of 13 would be 3.

how to play baccarat

Just like blackjack, online baccarat assigns different values to standard playing cards. The deck of cards is valued in the following way:

  • Face cards (K,Q,J) = 0
  • Ace cards = 1
  • 10 cards = 0
  • Cards 2 – 9 = 2 – 9

The Player and Banker Hand (and the Tie Bet)

There are three types of bets in Baccarat:

  • The Player
  • The Banker
  • The Tie, or Stand-Off bet

To learn how to play Baccarat, you need to understand the differences between all the bets.

The Banker bets, the Player bets, and the Tie bets come with a different house edge and need to be handled with care.

When you choose the Player bet, you assume that the Player wins the hand. Viceversa, when you bet on the Banker, you assume the Banker wins.

Tie bet predicts that the hand values will be equal.

As you see on the table above, a bet on the player’s or the banker’s card leads to different payouts.

That has nothing to do with the value of the hand or the fact you might play with eight decks or six decks.

As the rules of Baccarat show, a winning hand is paid differently when the Player wins or when the Banker wins.

  • Player Wins: wagers are paid 1:1 or even money
  • Banker Wins: wagers are paid 1:1 or even money
  • Tie: wagers are paid 8:1

how to play baccarat

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