live quantum roulette

Live Quantum Roulette

Live Quantum Roulette is Playtech first live dealer with a slingshot Roulette, using a standard European Roulette rule.During each game round, some bonus Straight Up positions are enhanced with a random Quantum Multiplier, which replaces the regular payout of Straight Up bet . In addition, from time to time, special events take place and enhance the multipliers even more. You can place any kind of bet, but only individual Straight Up bets and Straight Up bets inside the Neighbours, Complete and Half-Complete, Jeu 0, Orphelins, Jeu 7/9 and Finales en Plein special bets can be boosted by Quantum Multipliers.

How Does It Work

  • You make a bet on a certain kind of spin result. See the Betting options section and the Bet type section for additional information. Place any Straight Up bet to be eligible for a Quantum Multiplier.
  • Just before you finish making your bets, the wheel starts to spin, and the ball is launched to the wheel.
  • End of betting time & after the spin was initiated , random multipliers bonus are revealed in the hall studio  & appear on the table betting map on their Straight Up bet.
  • Occasionally, the special events occur and multipliers on the betting map are enhanced.
  • The ball comes to a stop and the result is announced.

live quantum roulette

Quantum Multipliers

This is a randomly generated coefficient, which applies on a Straight Up number. It defines the payout of the multiplied Straight Up bet if it wins. The number of multipliers revealed for one game can range from 1 to 5. The possible multipliers are: x50, x100, x150, x200, x250, x300, x400 and x500. It is possible that two or more multipliers are of the same value. Multipliers and corresponding Straight Up bets are indicated on the betting map.

Example: if the x50 Multiplier comes up on a Straight Up position, the player who bet €1 on that position wins $49 + the $1 they bet, so they receive $50.

Where to Play Live Quantum Roulette Playtech

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